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Kicking it up.

I'm in the process of cleaning and organizing my stuff, including the plethora of floppies I have laying around with pictures on them. I've come across some good pictures I took of random, strange objects, some of which I'd even forgot I had!

I will try and post some of them shortly.

Has anyone else happened along any good finds recently?
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my post to found_objects got deleted.

one of the mods wrote this:

"actually, this entry is going to do more harm than good. if you still don't like this place in a month, say something then.

feel free to submit your picture again."

Well, i'd like to stay faithful to found_objects, since they were, in fact, the first and the original. However, i might be a cynic, but i don't think they can do it! 3000+ members... that's a lot of people to get to follow new rules.

i see all kinds of flame wars and angry people coming to that community.

So the question i pose is this:
Do we keep this community or wait a month like the mod asked?


seems like the consensus is we'll give found_objects their month. But i say, if it still sucks, i'm starting this community up again!!
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