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my post to found_objects got deleted.

one of the mods wrote this:

"actually, this entry is going to do more harm than good. if you still don't like this place in a month, say something then.

feel free to submit your picture again."

Well, i'd like to stay faithful to found_objects, since they were, in fact, the first and the original. However, i might be a cynic, but i don't think they can do it! 3000+ members... that's a lot of people to get to follow new rules.

i see all kinds of flame wars and angry people coming to that community.

So the question i pose is this:
Do we keep this community or wait a month like the mod asked?


seems like the consensus is we'll give found_objects their month. But i say, if it still sucks, i'm starting this community up again!!
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Maybe we shoulk wait a bit- maybe not as long as a month. If conditions in found_objects dont improve as we hoped, we can get this comunity up and running.
i'm thinking along those same lines too. if this is indeed the case, hopefully the mods will let me post our community as an option to found_objects.
oh, also - feel free to change the layout, userinfo, anything you see fit!
What change is supposed to happen in a month? (I'm lost, not being sarchastic)
check out the new post in found_objects!
Aha! :)
Read his current post in found_objects.
It's been over a month, and there haven't been many major changes. What's going to happen?
what do you think? should we start this one up again?

i kinda want to.

(by the way, i love Triplets of Belleville!)
Me too. That way, the people who aren't really into photography can still have fun at found_objects, and the ones with the more artistic shots can post here.

And I love Triplets too...I'm working on a mood icon set now. :)
yeah, that was the reasoning i had behind this community. i also don't want to offend the found_objects mods at all, but i would love this community to be about cool images of cool finds... not just coold finds.
so do these found_objects people have the market cornered on communities for found objects? isn't that unfair copyrighting, or whatever legal mumbo-jumbo term it might really be called? plus, looking at that site, most of it is just random pictures, not pictures of found objects. i don't think you really "find" a billboard with a funny message on it. i say ONWARD WITH FOUNDOBJECT_ART!