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foundobject_art's Journal

Found Objects as Art
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All Members , Moderated
This community is the spawn of the found_objects community, for those of us who are more artistically-minded and are more interested in imagery and composition than object alone.

In order for something to be found, it must be lost.

This is an art-oriented community, with an emphasis on photography and composition. It is also a forum for artwork that implements found objects as medium and/or subject. Objects must be lost, misplaced, discarded, or forgotten, in order to be found.

This does NOT include:
1. Internet anything
2. Your pets
3. Anything that was or could have been expected

If you are not sure, ask.

The community is moderated. Posts to the community will be reviewed before they become public. For those not familiar with how it works, see the following:
FAQ - What is the "Moderator" option? How does it work?


Images A Must - Your submmission must include an image. Links to other sites containing artworks of found objects are acceptable. If you post someone else's artwork because it has relevance here, give credit to the original artists.

Tell Us About It - It is strongly recommended, but not required, that you post some sort of backstory along with your post. Tell us about the image. What compelled you to take the picture or create the artwork? What about the composition speaks to you?

Be Creative - Images should show thought and preparation. Think of composition, color, texture, interesting angles, etc. If your photo does not seem to have any of this, then be prepared for criticism or deletion.

Posting Images & Longer Posts - Please keep in mind some users have slower internet connection speeds /older computers. Use the lj-cut tag when making large posts, when you have really large/multiple images, etc. Please mark posts containing mature material / material that is not work-safe. It is preferred that mature content be placed behind a lj-cut tag, out of respect for people not comfortable with things of a queasy nature. This includes but is not limited to: gore, blood, the naked form, etc.

Expect Constructive Critique - The emphasis of this community is on art and photography. If you submit something, please know that your pieces are up for critique, and you must be able to take constructive criticism. Negativity in any form ( insults, flames, etc. ) is not acceptable here. There will be NO tolerance here for flaming, fighting, spamming, bias, prejudice, or blatant negative remarks.


Violations of the above guidelines will result in deleted posts and/or your membership being revoked. This set of guidelines will be updated as the need arises.

Use common sense and good judgment and proper netiquette and you should be fine.

Moderators: kimmeebaby, leopardwolf, _deux